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Bison-horn headgear
Title Bison-horn headgear
Accession Number 62.1458
Title2 Headgear
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Anthropology
Object Type Anthropology
Main Material Bamboo
Component Material II Horn
Component Material III Cowrie
Manufacturing Technique Woven, draped, beaded
Country India
Origin Place Chhattisgarh
Period / Year of Work 20th century CE
Tribe Maria Gonds
Dimensions Ht. 32.5; Wd. 36.5 cms (Approx.)
Detailed Description The Maria Gonds living to the south of the Indravati River are referred to as the 'Bison-horn' Marias, due to the elaborate headgear they adorn on their heads. This splendid headgear is made out of a bamboo frame where a pair of bison horn is attached on the front. In some cases, at the back of the frame, an enormous height is given with tufts of peacock feathers and also those of the domestic fowls. The headgear also has strings of cowrie shells that are hung on the front covering the face. This headgear is customarily worn in dances performed during marriages and ceremonial functions, and is passed on from father to son. Over the years, due to the diminishing numbers of bisons, many of these headgears today are made from cattle horns. Maria men with their resplendent bison-horn headgears dancing to the beat of their long drums are often portrayed on memorials of the dead as well as bronzes from this region.
Brief Description This is a bison-horn headgear worn during ceremonial functions by the Maria Gond men, who are also referred to as "Bison-horn Maria" after this particular headgear.