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Sahibosum Figues
Title Sahibosum Figues
Accession Number 64.1456/a-b
Title2 Patha Munda and Galbesum
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Anthropology
Object Type Anthropology
Main Material Wood
Manufacturing Technique Carved
Country India
Origin Place Ganjam District, Odisha
Find Place From a shrine at Bodo Okhra
Period / Year of Work 20th century CE
Tribe Saora
Dimensions Ht. 38 (male); Ht. 32.5 (female) cms
Detailed Description These are the images of demi-gods Patha Munda and Galbesum,from a shrine at Bodo Okhra, Ganjam District, Odisha. They are made of Boswellia serrata wood, darkened using myrobalan juice. Both the figures are similar, and the gender can be differentiated only by the size of the female figure which is a bit smaller, with indication of breasts. The female also wears a different kind of hat. The worship of Sahibosum figures is a local cult, which aims at keeping divine and human visitors out of the way. (Elwin, 119-123).
Brief Description These are Saora images of demi-gods carved out of wood.