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Ear decoration
Title Ear decoration
Accession Number 64.1541
Title2 Ear ornament
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Anthropology
Object Type Anthropology
Main Material Mixed Material
Country India
Origin Place Manipur
Period / Year of Work 20th century CE
Tribe Kabui Naga
Dimensions Dia. 11.5 cms (approx)
Detailed Description Stylized semi- circular fan-shaped ceremonial ear-decoration made of blue feathers; bark dyed yellow and red coloured wool, which is supported by the two wooden sticks. Such an intricately designed ear decoration is worn as part of the dance costume by Kabui Naga in the Manipur region. The colourful ear embellishment reminds the fan shaped ear decoration on the 'Monpa' mask, worn during the 'Thutotdam' dance of Arunachal Pradesh.
Brief Description This is an ear-decoration made out of grass, bark, wool and feathers, used by the Kabui Naga tribe of Manipur.