Exact Match
Title Yaksha
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Origin Place Pitalkhora, Cave No. 3
Patron/Dynasty Satavahana
Period / Year of Work 2nd Century BC
Dimensions Ht. 106 cm.
Brief Description Yaksha carrying a bowl on his head. His hands are raised high (left forearm is missing)to support on the head the bowl. The hair of the corpulent figure is twisted into rolls in two rows, which are increased on the back side to four with a knotted fillet dividing them into two parts. The ear-lobes are perforated and are adorned with kundalas. The necklace round his neck has two nandi-pada amulets, and is tied at the back in a knot and hangs down till it ends in another knot. He is also adorned with armlets and the bracelets. He wears dhoti with folds falling on the thighs. He has wide open eyes and the expression of face is full of wild joy. The sculpture bears an inscription in two lines on the outer right palm reading 'kanha-dasena hiramakarena kata', i.e. 'made by Kanahadasa, a goldsmith'. Left ear lob is damaged. Broken in three pieces and joined. and joined.