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Warli Painting
Title Warli Painting
Title2 Wall decoration
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Anthropology
Object Type Anthropology
Main Material Canvas
Manufacturing Technique Painted
Country India
Origin Place Thane district, Maharashtra
Period / Year of Work 20th century CE
Tribe Warli
Dimensions Lt. 230; Wd. 149 cms
Detailed Description Warli is a tribe inhabiting parts of Thane district in Maharashtra. During the time of marriages, they cover the interior walls of their modest huts with paintings that accompany with various traditional rituals and ceremonies. The themes of these paintings are generally inspired from daily life, nature, epics and legends. In this painting, the goddess of trees and plants - Palaghata, who symbolises fertility and abundance, is represented inside an enclosure in a square (chaukat) and accompanied by multitudes of line drawings of people engaged in hunting, dancing or cultivating land. The simple approach of executing the figures and the cheerful animation reflected in the painting is a clear echo of continuity of the ancient cave art.
Brief Description This is a painting belonging to the Warli tribe of Maharashtra generally done on the walls of their houses.