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Head of a Bodhisattva
Title Head of a Bodhisattva
Accession Number 99/7/26
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Central Asian Antiquities
Object Type Central Asian Antiquities
Main Material Stucco
Origin Place Miran
Find Place Miran
Period / Year of Work 3 - 4 cent. AD
Dimensions Height : 26 cm
Brief Description Well modelled life-size head of a Bodhisattva. The wavy hair of this figure fall symmetrically on either side of his forehead and face. The face expresses calm and contemplative mood by showing the half closed eyes (as in meditation). It also shows thick lips and long nose. Style of the hair and the facial features of the figure exhibit strong Hellenistic influence. It shows strong features of naturalism and picturesqueness which can be seen in this stucco object. These elements were introduced into Art after the death of Alexander the great, and continued to vibrate the Art world. Since, Alexander was from Hellenises the art was known as Hellenistic.