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Siva as Vamana
Title Siva as Vamana
Accession Number L.77/2
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Origin Place Mansar, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Patron/Dynasty Vakataka
Period / Year of Work 5th Century AD
Dimensions Ht. 85.5 cm. Wd. 63.0 cm. Dep. 38.0 cm.
Brief Description Siva as Vamana seated in sukhasana on a cushioned seat against a large round pillow. He holds some flowers in lower right hand, a rosary in the upper, stalk of a lotus (now lost) in the upper left, while the lower left is placed on the knee. His jatamakuta is decorated with flowers, chandrakala and a naramunda, and wears an ornament in the right ear and a circular kundala in the left, a jewelled necklace, beaded a yagnopavita, bracelets, udarabandha anklet in right foot and a sarpa-nupura in the left. He has bulging belly, thick limbs, big nose, thick lips and wears a dhoti, the folds of which are shown in front. His nose is slightly chipped off, the thumb of the lower right hand is lost. Damaged at places. Sandstone.