Exact Match
Title Yogini
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Origin Place Lokhari, Distt. Banda, Uttar Pradesh
Period / Year of Work circa 10th Century AD
Dimensions Ht. 160.0 cm. Wd. 102.0 cm. Dep. 55.0 cm.
Brief Description Two armed Yogini seated in lalitasana, holding club in her left and a bilva fruit in her right hands respectively. Her vahana or vehicle is a swan that peaks on the fruit. She has a well modelled body with full breasts, slim waist and rounded abdomen. The arching sweep of her buffalo-horns frames an elegantly tapered face. Her eyes are half closed in contemplation. She is adorned with a necklace which suggests tribal affiliations. A girdle is placed low on her waist and she wears heavy anklets and bangles. Damaged at places.