Raga Malhara
Title Raga Malhara
Accession Number acc-no-01325
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Tempera on Paper
Main Artist Unknown
School Rajput
Dimensions 16 cm x 27 cm
Brief Description The artist has painted a scene that reflects the mood of Raag Malhaar' - one that is an emotionally charged musical creation. Raag Malhara, of the Hindustani Classical school of music, is believed to have the power to cause rainfall, much like Raag 'Amruthavarshni' of the Karnatic school. This painting shows two women, standing amidst a group of eleven peacocks. The sky is dotted with white spots resembling rainfall. An attendant figure standing behind her mistress holds out a fly wisp to protect her from the rain. Meanwhile the peacocks begin to open out their wings and dance as they do when it rains. In the painting, the sky is shown evocatively with streaks of golden lightening and white droplets of rainfall. There exists a tremendous sense of rhythm in this miniature painting that mingles with a variety of emotions; longing-ness, anxiety, lust, among others.