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Himalayan Bride
Title Himalayan Bride
Accession Number acc-no-02625
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Water Colour on Paper
Main Artist Gaganendranath Tagore
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1867-1938
Country India
Dimensions 38.2 cm x 26.7 cm
Brief Description Himalayan Bride is a painting that reflects both, Gaganendranath Tagore's prowess as a modernist Indian artist of the 20th century, and his mastery over a a 'proto-Indian' cubist painterly technique. In this painting we see the smiling figure of a woman seated, dressed in a typically Indian bridal attire. She appears to be seated in a bedroom, which houses a cot and a vase beside it. At dead centre is, what appears to be, a painted canvas of the Himalayas, possibly done by Gaganendranath himself. The most noticeable aspect about the painting is the use of an unmistakably cubist visual language, which is the representation of objects or people from several different view-points. Like with the cubist masters, Picasso and Braque, Gaganendranath's painting offered a range of freedoms: the freedom to abandon the ancient duty of imitating reality more or less directly, and the freedom to find new languages or combinations of languages in order to present novel views of the world.