Painting No16
Title Painting No16
Accession Number acc-no-02811
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Oil on Canvas
Main Artist Nalini Malini
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1946
Country India
Period / Year of Work 1973
Dimensions 116.5 x 116.5 cm
Brief Description "There are various strata in the human mind and some are absolutely savage. When I paint the grotesque strata this sort of painting is the result. Man is the prosecutor, woman the victim." (1974) One particular aspect of Malini's practice which she calls the shadow play takes the layering that appears in her paintings and drawings even further, almost to the point of their becoming three-dimensional animations. The emergence of women into culturally open roles happened in India over the last couple of generations. "Drawing gave me the ability to talk about myself. Nalini Malini use narrativity to address the relations between the communities which make up a city. Bombay as a symbol of the metropolitan dream as well as nightmare, the female body, the home, the street, as arenas of conflict has been the recurrent theme of Malini's creative expression.