Paris Landscape
Title Paris Landscape
Accession Number acc-no-13779
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Water Colour on Paper
Main Artist H. A. Gade
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1917 - 2001
Dimensions 32.5 cm x 28.7 cm
Brief Description On arrival in Paris there was a greater emphasis towards a hard- edged geometry, where the house acted as he transitional motif. Gade allowed his conceptual framework to discipline the intuition. His scientific background led him to express his colour sense through a range of minimalized and simplified forms, (the motif of buildings and houses served Gade). A core member of the Progressive Artists group, Gade came into his own only as late as the 1950's.