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Krishna with Dancing Radha
Title Krishna with Dancing Radha
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Water Colour on Paper
Main Artist Unknown
Dimensions 20 cm x 26 cm
Detailed Description A intricate painting with gold inlay, this painting can be attributed to the Surpur style of miniature painting. 'Surpur miniature' is a unique style of painting that has its provenance in Surpur, a small town about 109 km from Gulbarga. Surpur still has splendid mansions (though in ruins), and many maths and temples. It is on the walls of these ruins that Surpur murals are found. This style of painting can be considered an off shoot of the Vijayanagara style and it shares similarities with the more established Mysore and Thanjavur painting in terms of gesso technique and the rendering of gold leaf with embedded semi-precious stones. The thematic content adheres to mythology and Vedic themes.
Brief Description A performative painting, the picture shows Radha located centrally striking an elaborate dance pose, while Krishna intimately engages with her.