untitled, 2003
Title untitled, 2003
Accession Number acc-no-16196
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
Gallery Name Reserve Collection
Object Type Painting
Main Material Water Colour on Paper
Main Artist N. S. Harsha
Dimensions 35 x 27 cm
Brief Description "I start a painting with a vague thought - it could be based on my everyday experience, or something else altogether - and from there a story begins to take shape. I fill my work with gaps and loose ends; I want to lead and mislead the viewer. Ambiguity makes a picture very exciting." In his formative years he was really interested in rhymes and chants from the past, as well as children's tales and comic books. At that time his work was very expressionistic, but when he lost faith in this, he began to experiment with mark-making and the idea of chanting with forms - "this was a fresh and exciting approach". Harsha began assembling distinct individuals, characters or forms in the same picture frame and observing their interrelationships as a way of portraying the reality of everyday life. "My work is not just trying to achieve a visual perfection but is a journey into these individual forms within a large panorama."