Exact Match
Title Untitled
Title2 Untitled
Museum Name National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
Gallery Name Art Collection Store
Object Type Painting
Main Material Ink on Paper
Component Material II Ink on Paper
Medium Ink on Paper
Manufacturing Technique Landsscape
Main Artist Almelkar, A.A.
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar was born in c.1920 Solapur, Maharashtra. He went on to study art at Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai. He passed away in 1982.
Author Almelkar, A.A.
Provenance Republic Of India
Origin Place Bombay
Find Place Mrs. Zubeda Begam, artist family at Bombay
Scribe Personnel at NGMA, Mumbai
Style Abstract Modern Art
School Abstract Modern Art
Patron/Dynasty Republic India
Period / Year of Work Nil
Inscription Nil
Dimensions Size-14.5cm x 20.5Cm
Historical Note Nil
Detailed Description A landscape drawing.
Brief Description A landscape drawing.