Silver casket
Title Silver casket
Accession Number mar-relic-0423
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, NagarjunaKonda
Gallery Name Reserve Collection - 05
Object Type Relic Casket
Main Material Silver
Provenance Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Find Place Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Patron/Dynasty Ikshvakus
Period / Year of Work c. 3rd/4th century CE
Dimensions about 5.5 X 5.2 cms
Brief Description Silver relic casket, stupa shaped.
Detailed Description Silver relic casket simulating the form of a stupa. It is in two parts. The lower drum (vedika) or receptacle and a upper separable unit with a hemispherical dome(anda) having a plain cubical harmika and a rounded coping member. The external surface of the casket is blackish due to encrustation. The base of the harmika has an aperture.