Buddha resolves and descends
Title Buddha resolves and descends
Accession Number mar-scu-0027
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, NagarjunaKonda
Gallery Name Gallery-02
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Lime stone
Provenance Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Find Place Nagarjunakonda valley , Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Style Nagarjunakonda art.
School Late phase of Amaravathi school
Patron/Dynasty Ikshavakas
Period / Year of Work C. 3rd/4th century CE
Dimensions 152 X 90 X 13 cm
Brief Description Lime Stone - Dome slab - Bodhisatva in Tushita heaven(top panel) Bodhi satva descends in the form of white elephant(bottom panel). Mended.
Detailed Description Decorated dome-slab depicting the events of the Master's life in two of the panels. Above the sculptured panels there are rows of Triratnas and animals moving towards right. The upper sculptured register depicts the scene in which Sumedha residing in the Tushita heaven as a Bodhisattava and resolving to take his final birth on earth as Gautama. The lower register shows his descent to earth in a heavenly chariot as a white elephant accompanied by the retinue of the celestial musicians to enter into the body/ womb of Mayadevi. The lowest part of the slab is broken along the border and mended.