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Dighiti Kosala & Dasaratha Jatakas
Title Dighiti Kosala & Dasaratha Jatakas
Accession Number mar-scu-0033
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, NagarjunaKonda
Gallery Name Gallery-04
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Lime stone
Provenance Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Find Place Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Style Nagarjunakonda art
School Late phase of Amaravathi school
Patron/Dynasty Ikshvakus
Period / Year of Work C. 3rd/4th century CE
Dimensions 170 X 87 X 13 cm
Detailed Description Dome-slab(top to bottom),scenes from Dighiti kosala and Dasaratha jatakas shown. "DIGHITI KOSALA"jataka: king of Varanasi ordering the execution of defeated king Dighiti kosala and his wife, their son Dighavu meets them on their way to the place of execution. Dighiti advises Dighavu to conquer hatred of love. Dighavu enters the service of the king of varanasi and thinks of killing the king in a forest but soon changes his mind. The king on identifying Dighavu,restores the kingdom of Kosala to him. "DASARATHA"jataka: king Dasaratha of Varanasi his queen have two sons and a daughter. Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, another queen who gives birth to Bharata is granted a boon by the king and she utilizes it in course of time by demanding that Bharata should rule the kingdom. Fearing that the scheming queen would do some harm to the elder sons, the king orders them to stay for twelve years in forest. Sita joins her brothers. in the mean time, the king dies, but Bharata would not accept the reins of the kingdom and invites Rama to return and become the king. Rama asks Bharata to place his pair of sandals on the throne and rule the kingdom on his behalf for three years. Thereafter, they return home and Rama is crowned
Brief Description Lime Stone-Dome slab. Scenes from Dighiti kosala-jataka and Dasaratha-jatakas are shown. Mended.