Exact Match
Title Buddha
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, NagarjunaKonda
Gallery Name Gallery-05
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Lime stone
Provenance Nagarjuna konda valley, Guntur district , Andhra pradesh
Find Place Nagarjunakonda valley, Guntur district, Andhra pradesh
Style Nagarjunakonda art.
School Late phase of Amaravathi school
Patron/Dynasty Ikshavakus
Period / Year of Work C. 3rd/4th century CE
Dimensions 114 X 69 X 17cm
Detailed Description Bust of a well modeled more than life size image of Buddha with a roundish face. Verily Comparable to Acc. No.1, in stylistic features, it has the hair arranged in typical daksinavarta pattern covering even the low ushnisha. Prominent urna on the forehead is fashioned like a small round projection. Right shoulder is bare whereas the left is covered by sanghati. Damaged and mended.
Brief Description Lime Stone - Image of the Buddha carved in full round. Mended.