Exact Match
Title TARA
Accession Number ACQ-67-15
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Object Type BRONZE
Main Material Bronze
Country NEPAL
Provenance NEPAL
Origin Place NEPAL
Period / Year of Work 18TH CENTURY
Dimensions 18.0HT 12.8LEN 9.7WD
Detailed Description Image of Tara, sitting her left leg folded (Lalitasana) and the right one is placed lightly below the pedestal. Her two folded hands are raised to the breast level, the palms touching each other with the palm of the right hand facing the spectator and the palm of the left hand facing the breast. On either side of Tara lotus stalks rise upto her shoulder level with a full grown lotus bud capping the stalk. The crown of Tara has tiger on it. The pedestal shows lotus leaf design and a lotus bud rises near her right foot. The facial expression shows deep contemplation. This bronze is 18 cms high and datable to 18th century.
Brief Description A seated gilded bronze figure of Tara. Her hands are held in an attitude of meditation. The right leg rests on a lotus seat in front of the base. One each on either side of the figure are flower stalks raising from the base. At the bottom of the base is a circle with four stylized flowers.