Exact Match
Title VASE
Accession Number IX-108
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Object Type Porcelain
Main Material PORCELAIN
Country JAPAN
Provenance JAPAN
Origin Place JAPAN
Period / Year of Work 19TH CENTURY
Dimensions 38.0H, 11.0 DIA (MOUTH)
Detailed Description An abundant collection of bowls, plates, large vases and tea-sets from Satsuma, a princely state in the Southern part of the Island of Kiushiu in Japan, is housed in this museum. Satsuma is a kind of earthenware, first produced in Japan in the 17th century. Characterized by polychrome (many colours) and gold, intricately hand-painted designs on ivory coloured pottery. These delicate vases have geometrical patterns, flowers, scenery all richly painted in gold and hence greatly valued.
Brief Description Satsuma porcelain vase with dragon handles, painted in panels to represent landscape on one side and hens on the other. Geometrical patterns and flowers on the rest of the surface. Waves and flowers round the bottom. The maker's mark and a circle at the bottom. (Same as No. 104/IX).