Exact Match
Accession Number L-100
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Gallery Name Reserve
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Marble
Artist's Nationality ITALY
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1876
Country ITALY
Provenance ITALY
Find Place ROME, ITALY
Period / Year of Work 1876 AD
Inscription G.B. BENZONI, 1876 AD
Dimensions 167.5 H
Detailed Description Carved in pure marble by G B Benzoni of Rome and dated 1876. A Biblical character Rebecca, wife Issac, daughter-n-law of Abraham, bore two sons Jacob and Esan whose offspring were the founders of the twelve tribes of the Jews. Portrayed as a shy, bashful maid Rebecca stands, enveloped in a veil, in an alluring manner. gently but firmly placed on a round pedestal the young Jewish lady in her swaying stance slightly describes a S-curve. the Greek technique of Counterpoise is recalled to us in the way the weight of the body is poised on left leg. Her limbs - face - torso, legs, are meticulously studied. The artist has carefully described the texture of the costume and his chisel has dwelt lovingly on every curve of the body. Both the sensitively cut diaphanous veil and the deeply cut dress underneath the soft veil are accented with folds. The figure recalls successfully classical from and Rococo detail.
Brief Description Veiled Rebecca by Benzoni of Italy