Exact Match
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Object Type European Paintings
Main Material Oil on Canvas
Main Artist G.F.Watts
Provenance ENGLAND
Origin Place ENGLAND
Period / Year of Work 19TH CENTURY (1880 -1890)
Dimensions 211.5 L X 134.2 W , 178.3 L X 101.6 W (ONLY PAINTING)
Detailed Description Watt's oil painting "Orpheus and Eurydice" in the museum exhibits his style and aims. The well known classic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice needs no long narration. Orpheus, son of Appollo by muse Calliope, married Eurydice, the princess of Thrace. A neighbouring prince Aristateous, enraged at her beauty, tries to ravish her. Eurydice, fleeing from him, steps on a snake and dies of its bite. Orpheus, unable to bear the separation, goes to the other world and makes use of his musical abilities in praise of the presiding deities, Pluto and Prosperine. the divine couple, touched by compassion, returns his wife to life on condition that until they reach the earth he should not look back upon her. Half way through, his curiosity prevailing, Orpheus looks back and has the mortification to see his wife dropping down dead. the painting shows the last stage in the life of Eurydice. A victim to the uncontrollable curiosity of her husband she dies stricken with divine wrath. Thus the picture's beginning is in the tune with the artist's preaching; divine dispensations are not to be tinkered with. The gestures of Eurydice-lips parted, eyed closed closed figure poised on tiptoes - suggest the death that has over taken her. Her complexion is morbid.
Brief Description Painting, in a carved gilt wooden frame,titled "Orphee-Eurydice" ,representing the Orpheus holding Eurydice from falling.Signed :G.F.Watts at bottom and on bottom frame :lent.1920 by the committee of Mrs.Beer.