Title TRAY
Accession Number XLIV-461
Museum Name Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
Gallery Name Metal ware gallery-15
Object Type Metal
Main Material Silver
Component Material II Gilt
Country India
Provenance Karimnagar, India
Origin Place Karimnagar
Period / Year of Work Late 19th Century
Dimensions 36.2 L X 32.1 W,920 Grm Approx.
Brief Description Ganga-jamni leaf shaped flat tray having creeper designs in arch shaped panels.
Detailed Description Kareemnagar, a district in Andhra Pradesh, is known for its architectural excellence and history. it was once a regional capital. It is famous for silver filigree work, a very delicate form of metal craft. the leaf shaped tray is divided into arch shaped panels. The chewing of Paan or betel leaf, is an ancient tradition in India and like the tea ceremony in Japan, has a special significance. After a feast, betel leaf, filled with bits of betel nut (areca nut) and sweet spices like aniseed, is carefully folded and served to guests, at the end of the meal. Elaborate dishes and containers were made for the 'prepartion' of Paan.