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Notebook of Tipu Sultan
Title Notebook of Tipu Sultan
Accession Number C210
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Manuscript
Main Material Paper
Medium Bound
Artist's Nationality Indian
Author Written at the command of Tipu Sultan
Provenance Sahebzada Ghulam Mohammed
Scribe Unknown
Subject A Treatise mainly on the Art of Artillery
Language Persian
Script Shikasta
Inscription Colophon: Nil
Number of folios 163
Number of Illustrations 3 seals 10 illustrations-hasty miniature sketches on the practice of muskets.
Dimensions 14.2x20.5cm,9 lines to a page
Brief Description The treatise is divided into eight chapters dealing with - 1 tenets of Islam 2 new terms fixed for calculation and measure of words for omen taking 3 detailed account for the methods and devices for fighting with muskets 4 ordinances in the names of Mutasaddis and Sarbakhshis 5 general principles regarding forms of services 6 rules relating to Shihabdaran 7 rules regarding horsemen 8 rules relating to piyadahs of the Taluka forces