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Marquess Cornwallis, K.G.
Title Marquess Cornwallis, K.G.
Accession Number C330
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Engraving
Main Artist Henry Hudson (active 1782-1794), from a painting by Arthur William Devis (1762-1822)
Artist's Nationality English
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 18th century
Provenance H H The Raja of Hill Tippera, 1904
Style European style
Period / Year of Work 1794
Dimensions 175.8x55cm
Brief Description Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of the British East India Company's Empire in India, 1786-93. Served in the American War of Independence and the campaign against the Irish rebellion. Won an abiding fame during his first Indian administration by introducing the Permanent Settlement in 1793. He came back to India in 1805 for a second term in office, but died within a few months of his arrival.