Mahadaji Sindhia
Title Mahadaji Sindhia
Accession Number R1286-C1203
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name -
Object Type Painting
Component Material II Oil painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Main Artist Copied by Cecil L Burns of a painting at Gwalior.
Provenance Mr Cecil L Burns,1-9-1916.
Period / Year of Work AD
Dimensions 102x77cm
Brief Description The Celebrated Maratha Chief of Gwalior who for so long played a leading part in the history of the second half of the eighteenth centuy.His independence was recognised by the British in 1782 and within a short time he established his supremacy in Northern Hindustan,and became the protector of the Emperor Shah Alam at Delhi.He died near Poona at the zenith of his power in February 1794.
Detailed Description This picture has been erroneously attributed to Zoffany on the strength of a statement by Sir James Machintosh,who saw it when visiting Poona in December 1805. It is evidently an adaptation,by an Indian Artist,of the picture by James Wales at Bombay.A Photograph from the present copy is given in Dr Williamson's Zoffany. Three quarter length seated figure,facing the spectator.Caste marks on face,neclace of Pearls & Jewels,white turban and muslin dress.