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Lord Cornwallis receiving the Hostage Princes [sons of Tipu Sultan]
Title Lord Cornwallis receiving the Hostage Princes [sons of Tipu Sultan]
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name Durbar Hall
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Oil on Canvas
Main Artist Mather Brown (1761-1831)
Artist's Nationality American
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data A descendant of the Mather family of Massachusetts, Mather Brown was born in Boston in 1761. He was one of the American artists who made their way to Europe during and immediately after the American revolution, to study painting. He went first to Paris, and arrived in London in 1781 with an introduction to Benjamin West from Benjamin Franklin. Planning to be a miniature painter, Brown entered the school of the Royal Academy. He worked also in West's studio, where his ambitions changed to the pursuit of a career as a portrait and history painter. Unlike most of the Americans who studied with West, Brown chose to remain in England for the rest of his life. The success of two religious paintings done in 1784 for St. Mary's in the Strand, London, led Brown to found a partnership with the painter Daniel Orme for the commercialization of these and other works through exhibition and the sale of engravings. Among these were large paintings of scenes from English history, as well as scenes from Shakespeare's plays. In 1784-1785 Brown painted portraits of John Adams, his wife and daughter, and in 1786 he painted Thomas Jefferson. His full-length portraits of the Duke of York and the Prince of Wales, done in 1788 and 1789 respectively, led to his appointment as official portrait painter of the duke. A falling off of patronage in the mid-1790s, and failure to be elected to the Royal Academy, led Brown to leave London in 1808 for Bath, Bristol, and Liverpool. He settled in Manchester, returning to London almost two decades later, in 1824, where, even after West's death, he continued to imitate his teacher's style of painting. Brown died in London in 1831.
Provenance Through Lord Curzon, June 1921.
Origin Place England
School British School
Period / Year of Work 1793 AD
Dimensions 77.5x57.1cm
Detailed Description The surrender of the hostage princes to Marquis Cornwallis in 1792 was depicted by Mather Brown in 1793. Among the Officers shown on the left of the Governor-General are Sir John Kennaway, Major Dirom, Col. (afterwards Sir John) Malcolm, Major Madan, A.D.C., and Col. Ross. On Lord Cornwallis's right is the head Vakil, Gholam Ali Khan, seated, while his colleague bends over the boys.
Brief Description A replica of this picture on a much larger scale is in the Oriental Club, London. It was engraved by Daniell Orme.