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The Taj Mahal at Agra.
Title The Taj Mahal at Agra.
Accession Number R2179
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name -
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Oil on Canvas
Main Artist William Daniell (1769-1837)
Artist's Nationality English
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data 1769 -1837, Along with his uncle Thomas Daniell, at the age of 15, William sailed by the 'Atlas' Indiaman from England in April 1785 and reached Calcutta via China in 1786. As a professional artist, he visited and worked in India with his uncle between 1786 and 1793. William was young and quite inexperienced and it was not until after their return from India that his full powers were to be revealed and he was to prove a master of aquatinting and a highly skilled painter in oils.
Provenance Presented by Mrs George Lyell, 1932
Origin Place Born in London
School British School
Period / Year of Work 1829 AD
Dimensions 100.3x177.8cm
Historical Note The magnificent views of Indian landscapes and antiquities in both oil and aquatint, painted by Thomas Daniell and his nephew William, made an immediate impact on the British elite. Stylistically correct and conventional as they were, their magnitude and novelty charmed the romantically inclined for whom the Graeco-Roman culture was effete. Motifs were freely borrowed from Oriental Scenery to decorate wallpapers and ceramics, while the flamboyant domes and minarets of the Royal Pavilion extravaganza at Brighton were directly inspired by the Daniells' accurate depiction of Indian architecture. On the whole, their Oriental Scenery largely contributed to the British image of India as a land of romance and glory. Indeed, the Daniells have continued to feed the Raj nostalgia to this day.
Detailed Description In the Victoria Memorial oil the Taj is reflected in the water. The foreground is made lively by a procession consisting of elephants, cavalrymen and foot-soldiers and other persons coming up the bank of the river. People are seen paying obeisance to the dignitary on the howdah. Two palm trees are visible on the right foreground.
Brief Description Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1829. Both Thomas & William Daniell painted the Taj Mahal visited by them in January 1789, almost from the same spot, though the compositions are different.