The Black and White Chinese Pheasant
Title The Black and White Chinese Pheasant
Accession Number R2609-147
Title2 Kalij Pheasant
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Painting
Medium Watercolour
Provenance The Maharaja Bahadur Sir P. C. Tagore
Period / Year of Work C.End 18th Century CE
Dimensions _ Select
Brief Description From John Fleming's album on Natural History, Volume-1. Drawing from a folio containing a collection of original watercolour drawings of the mammals, birds and reptiles of India chiefly of Bengal painted by Court painter of the King of Oudh under supervision of Robert Home, John Fleming(naturalist).John Fleming (1747-1829) was a surgeon who served in the Indian Medical Service in Bengal from 1768 to 1813. As with many physicians of the period he was very interested in botany. Fleming's particular interest was in plants of medical or economic use. This interest encouraged him to collect plants from many parts of India. For a period he was appointed Superintendent of the Calcutta Botanic Garden while William Roxburgh was on leave of absence. Fleming returned to England in 1813 and died in London in 1829.