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Chowringhee Road, as seen from the Ochterlony Monument, Calcutta
Title Chowringhee Road, as seen from the Ochterlony Monument, Calcutta
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Photograph
Manufacturing Technique Black and White
Main Artist Messrs Johnston and Hoffman
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Theodore Julius Hoffmann and P.A. Johnston. Ran the Calcutta Studio established in 1882, and the Darjeeling Studio, established in 1890. Hoffmann took over the business on the death of Johnston in 1891. Their Simla branch opened in the mid-1890s. It should be noted that a studio was opened in Rangoon, Burma, sometime around 1890 although not much is known about it, or exactly when it closed. Hoffmann joined John Claude White in July 1891 on a trip to Tibet and later published White's photographs. The company closed sometime in the 1950s. Probably, after the studios of Bourne and Shepherd, they were the second largest commercial photographers in India with their large catalogue of views of North and Northeastern India, Sikkim and Nepal.
Provenance Maharaja Bahadur Sir B C Mahtab of Burdwan
Inscription 258N
Dimensions 21.8x29.3cm
Brief Description Buildings on the eastern side - Indian Museum through Monohardas Talaab to Saint Paul's Cathedral. (From a collection of 69 Photographs of Old Calcutta)