View of Titaghur
Title View of Titaghur
Accession Number R2927-2
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Painting
Medium Pen and Ink
Main Artist Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845)
Artist's Nationality British
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Sir Charles D'Oyly, 1781-1845, was an amateur artist of superb talent, served in India between 1803 and 1838. In spite of onerous official duties as a civilian, he utilized his leisure-hours producing artistic drawings on a variety of subjects -- custom, costumes, European life in India. D'Oyly made a great impact on the Indian painters who learnt to adapt their techniques to meet new needs.
Provenance Messrs Francis Edwards Limited in 1938.
Origin Place India
Style British-Indian style
Period / Year of Work 28 July, 1836
Dimensions 26.8x36.3cm
Brief Description Barrackpore in the distance. From a collection of twenty five original Pen & Ink Sketches of Calcutta.