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Mud docks at Howrah, Calcutta.
Title Mud docks at Howrah, Calcutta.
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name Calcutta Gallery
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Pen and Ink
Main Artist Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845)
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Sir Charles D'Oyly, 1781-1845, was an amateur artist of superb talent, served in India between 1803 and 1838. In spite of onerous official duties as a civilian, he utilized his leisure-hours producing artistic drawings on a variety of subjects -- custom, costumes, European life in India. D'Oyly made a great impact on the Indian painters who learnt to adapt their techniques to meet new needs.
Provenance Messrs Francis Edwards Limited in 1938.
Period / Year of Work 1833
Dimensions 28x41.9cm
Brief Description No house is visible except the portion of a ruined two-storied building. From a collection of twenty five original Pen & Ink Sketches of Calcutta.