Hogg Market, Calcutta
Title Hogg Market, Calcutta
Accession Number R4266
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Painting
Medium Photograph
Manufacturing Technique Black and White
Main Artist Samuel Bourne (1834 - 1912) & Charles Shepherd (1858-1878), who were British photographers and printers
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Bourne & Shepherd studios was initially founded in 1863, in Simla, by Samuel Bourne, a keen and extremely competent amateur photographer, newly arrived from England, and William Howard, already an established professional Calcutta studio photographer. It started trading under the name Howard & Bourne; but by 1864, they were joined in partnership by Charles Shepherd, already a well established photographer in India, and formerly half of the Agra studio partnership of Shepherd & Robertson. The company's first studio from 1863, was at 'Talbot House' on the Mall at Simla, but by 1865 they were operating in Calcutta as well. The Calcutta branch was opened initially at number 8 Chowringhee, in 1865, but later moved up the street to number 11. This eventually became the company's headquarters, after 'Talbot House' was finally closed in 1910. A Bombay studio, at 10 Rampart Row, was also opened, by 1875 at the latest, but appears to have closed down again by the turn of the century. Other casual travelling Bourne & Shepherd studios were opened seasonally, at various towns around India, as needed, including briefly at Lahore and Delhi.
Provenance Bourne & Shepherd
Inscription No. 34
Dimensions 23.7x29.9cm
Brief Description Original version of today's New Market, Calcutta, from the Lindsay Street side.