Ranjit  Singh
Title Ranjit  Singh
Accession Number R435-112
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name -
Object Type Painting
Medium Watercolour
Main Artist Emily Eden (1797-1869)
Artist's Nationality British
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Emily Eden, the seventh daughter of William Eden, first baron Auckland, accompanied her brother, George, Lord Auckland (1784-1849) to India where he served as Governor-General from 1835-1842. A highly gifted amateur artist and writer, Eden recorded her observations of life in India during this period in the form of letters and an extensive collection of sketches. On her return to England in 1842, Eden arranged to have her images printed privately as a portfolio of 24 lithographs and the Portraits was published in 1844, issued in wrappers in four parts. Most copies were issued uncoloured, except for a few beautifully hand-coloured copies, of which the present work is one. In addition to the Portraits, Eden's descriptions and recollections of her life in India were published in Up the Country. Letters written to her Sister from the Upper Provinces of India by the Hon. Emily Eden, 1866.
Provenance Messrs R B Das, 15-4-1911.
Period / Year of Work AD
Dimensions 35.5x24.3cm
Brief Description Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839), the founder of the Sikh empire in India, which was ultimately subdued by the British East India Company through the Anglo-Sikh Wars.