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Khamsa-i-Nizami [The Khamsa or "Five Narrative Poems" of Nizami]
Title Khamsa-i-Nizami [The Khamsa or "Five Narrative Poems" of Nizami]
Accession Number R760-C220
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name -
Object Type Manuscript
Main Material Paper
Author Maulana Nizami Ganjavi (12th century)
Provenance Ganeshi Lall & Sons
Scribe Unknown
Period / Year of Work 1041 AH/1631 AD AD
Subject A collection of five poems (another copy)
Language Persian
Script Unknown
Number of folios 368 and 20 lines to a page.
Number of Illustrations 33 and 3 seals and few signatures.
Dimensions 16.4x27.7cm
Detailed Description Nizami is accredited as one of the greatest of the Persian poets, particularlyin the sphere of Romantic epics. The Quintet contains the following poems: a Makhzanu'l Asrar b Khusrari and Shiun c Laila and Majnu d Haft Paikar e Iskandar-nama
Brief Description The opening of each poem is very beautifully decorated, illuminated pages containing illustrations are exquisitely illuminated, marginal decorations consist of floral designs and miniatures of birds and animals.