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Kajer Manush D.K. [D.K., a Man of Work]
Title Kajer Manush D.K. [D.K., a Man of Work]
Accession Number R7994
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Manuscript
Main Material Paper
Author Satyajit Ray (2 May 1921 - 23 April 1992), eminent Indian film-maker, author and illustrator of books.
Provenance Sri Samarendranath Sengupta, Editor of "BIVAV" little magazine, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata.
Language Bengali
Number of folios 6
Brief Description Original Manuscript of Satyajit Ray. The essay focuses on the work of D.K. Gupta, the founder of Signet Press, a publishing house established in Kolkata in 1943, where the young Satyajit Ray worked as a visual designer. It was published in the little magazine "Bibhav" in Kolkata in Winter 1979/80, pp. 19-21, as an obituary of D.K. Gupta.