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Gita Govinda [Songs of Govinda]
Title Gita Govinda [Songs of Govinda]
Accession Number R9279
Museum Name Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Manuscript
Main Material Paper
Medium Illustrated manuscript
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Jayadeva, (flourished 12th century, Kenduli Sasan, Orissa, India), Indian author of the celebrated Sanskrit poem Gita Govinda ("Song of the Cowherd"), which helped to popularize devotional Hinduism.
Author Jayadeva (13th century)
Provenance Sri Indranath Majumder
Language Early Bengali
Number of folios 76
Dimensions 10.6x32.4cm
Brief Description The Gita Govinda describes the love of Krishna, the divine cowherd, for Radha, his favourite among the gopis (wives and daughters of the cowherds). The poem presents in dramatic form the lovers' attraction, estrangement, yearning, and final reconciliation through the help of a sakhi (female confidant). The poem blends recitative stanzas with 24 short songs and leans heavily on alliteration, lyricism, and grace of image for its effect.