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(miniature painting)
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  • Picture depicts the controlling of elephants in a forest.
  • Painting depicts the image of a great singer 'Tansen' a historical personality of medieval period.
  • Potrate of Rani Roopmati a prominent personality of Rajput period..
  • Painting belongs to raginee Series. Bhairavai raginee has been depicted here.
  • The painting depicts a lady Fruit seller.
  • Painting depicts the conversation between Radha and Krishna.
  • Krishna is standing in tribhanga mudra beside the cow.
  • Picture shows Radha and Krishna in profile. Krishna holds his flute in one hand while the other is clung to the palm of Radha.
  • Miniature painting shows the portrait of Mughal Emperor Akabar.
  • Miniature painting on paper shows a Queen seated on a couch getting various cosmetic treatments.