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  • The Gandhi Memorial Vehicle is a large lorry (V 8 1947 Ford Lorry) manufactured by Ford Corporation. 'The Gandhi Memorial Vehicle' was deliberately designed for a procession to be taken out for the immersion of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi after his death. The ashes Mahatma Gandhi was kept in a bronze casket which was carried in this vehicle was travelled form Railway station to the Confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers i.e., Sangam. It was handed over to the Allahabad Museum in 1954. All its parts were renovated and were replaced with the original Ford accessories in 2005 with the effort of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. Now, it is in full running condition. It is taken out every year on February 12, the day Mahatma Gandhi ashes was brought to the Sangam on 12 February 1948.
  • The pistol belongs to the master of Indian freedom struggle Chandrashekhar Azad with which he fought his last encounter with British in the erstwhile Alfred Park area of Allahabad. This historic encounter took place on 27th Febuary 1931 at Allahabad. The gun, which was donated by Sir John Nott Bavar, is a one Colt automatic pistol of .32 bore/ caliber with a ten round magazine. It is rimless, smokeless patented in April 20, 1897. It was manufactures by Colt Hart Fort CT USA in December 22, 1903. This pistol was brought from Lucknow museum in 03.07.1976 and was displayed in 19.07.1979 for the first time in Allahabad museum. Regarding this incident, an FIR had been registered in Curnelgunj Police Station, Allahabad dated 27.02.1931 againsed Shaheed (undecided) Chandrashekher Azad for the offence of stolen.
  • A pair of silver spectacles was found placed on the eyes of a human being who was curried in a grave at Astana. These spectacles are shaped as spoon-bowls and pricked like a strainer, to look through while travelling in the desert under the scorching sun.
  • This is an amulet box for carrying prayer scrolls or deities. The lid contains a beautiful golden colour shrine door amidst intricate foliate patterns, celestial beings and deities.
  • This is an amulet made of metal and studded with turquoise.
  • This is a ritual object in the form of a skull and a detachable trident in the form of blazing flames. The object is believed to ward off evil spirits and demons.
  • This is a ritual plaque depicting the bust of a female deity. She is adorned with jewellery and a crown on her head.
  • This is a ritual plaque depicting the busts of two female deities, against a triangular backdrop, adorned with tiaras and ear ornaments.
  • This is a sculpture depicting multi-armed Lord Ganesh holding various attributes, standing over a pedestal.