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  • A beautiful decorated flower vase is made of porcelain.
  • A Persian Hookah made of porcelain and wood.
  • The gateway of a mosque at Pilibhit on a deft pottery or a porcelain ware vindicates the drawing of Thomas Daniel the original structure of the mosque during the Company period.
  • Satsuma porcelain vase with dragon handles, painted in panels to represent landscape on one side and hens on the other. Geometrical patterns and flowers on the rest of the surface. Waves and flowers round the bottom. The maker's mark and a circle at the bottom. (Same as No. 104/IX).
  • Crackled China figure of the standing Buddha with folded hands and a rosary. The mark of Swastika on the chest.
  • Imari porcelain dish oval in shape and having incised edges, painted in panels to represent a goose and flowers and leaves all over in blue, red and orange colours. Creeper design with flowers in blue at the reverse. A circle and the maker's mark in blue colour at the bottom.
  • Celadon plate of sea - green (dark shade) colour having flat brim showing in relief lotus motifs in the middle.Made at the City Factory Long Quan.(Changes suggested by Ms.Ming, Curator, Victoria Albert Museum, London.)