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  • This is a wood sculpture depicting a seated figure.
  • This is a mask of the Bhuiya community, generally used during hunting expedition. It depicts a feline animal.
  • This is a pair of Ceremonial Dolls, depicting two stylised standing upright male and female figure.
  • This is an elongated mask made of wood depicting a demon.
  • These are Saora images of demi-gods carved out of wood.
  • Kuttia Kond Masks such as this is used as substitutes for human skulls at the annual or triennial sacrifice (Meriah) to Dharni Pinnu, the Earth Mother. They are made of gourds, decorated with red and white beads.
  • This is a small bone sculpture depicting a figure in a dancing posture.
  • This is a small sculpture made of bone depicting a scene of an important personnel being carried on a palanquin by four bearers.
  • This is a small sculpture carved in bone depicting a lady resting on the ground with her cattle (four in number) near her feet.
  • This is a small sculpture depicting a mother resting with her child.