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  • It is one of the rare terracotta female figures from Mohenjodaro. The figure is handmade and has coating of thick red slip. It is adorned with a peculiar fan-shaped head- dress. The large pannier cups like objects are suspended on either side of the head. The cup portion has some black colour impression of charcoal. The figure is wearing cone type objects on the forehead. The figure does not have upper garments but the lower garment is secured by three bands fastened in front by a medallion like clasp. She is wearing three necklaces in which the middle one is smaller than the other two having a set of four cylindrical pendants. The largest necklace is hanging in between the bare conical breasts. The eyes are shown by two round pellets of clay and her nose is pinched. The mouth is made of a narrow strip of clay and grooved along the middle to represent the lips.
  • This terracotta bull figurine is entirely handmade with cream slip on it. Probably a knife might have been freely used in shaping the parts of body in details. Around the neck is a garland or plaited rope. This bull has been crafted with great sensitivity, which reflects vigour and power of the bull cult prevalent at that time. among the livestocks, the bull is depicted faithfully and artistically by the harappans in terracotta.
  • Basket made of leaves.
  • Small box with cover for probably a cigar or betel box.
  • Straw made round box with lid.
  • Straw made round box with cover.
  • Straw made dish.
  • Straw made round box with cover (pandan).
  • Lamp shaped box with cover.