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  • This is the most realistic representation of a monkey who is shown climbing up a pole which he grips firmly with both hands and feet. It has a hole between the joined hands and legs to allow him moving up and down along a rod. The expression of the face and comfort in depicting the spirit of mischief of a monkey is very natural. The end of the tail is figured turned down. The hair over the body and the spinal column are indicated by incised lines.
  • The bronze, mirror is slightly oval and the edge of the face is raised. The back is irregular and plain. The recessing of the face is perhaps intended to protect it and to preserve the polish. Probably the handle was made of wood or ivory. Now only the tenon remains.
  • This square seal shows unicorn heads on either side of pipal tree, which forms the central motif. The entire space of the seal is filled up by the stems and leaves of the tree. The lower portion of the seal is filled with pictographs.
  • This two wheeled miniature copper cart is open in the front and in the back, and is having a gabled roof. The side walls of the cart are embossed with lozenge and cross shaped designs. The driver is seated on a raised seat in front of the cart which is badly corroded and mutilated. It throws welcome light on the mode of conveyance used by the Harappans.
  • This torso of a male is carved out of red jaspery-stone. In the frontal pose the abdomen is slightly bulging. The fleshy parts of the body beautify the sculpture. Sockets are provided for fixing the hands, the arms and the nipples to the body which is one of the most interesting features of animated figures, exhibiting highly technical skill of the Harappans. This technique is mainly applied for figures with moveable limbs.
  • Remains of a fragmentary embroidered hanging, dark blue, loosely woven gauze, backed with plain blue silk and embroidered with floral design with birds and butterflies.
  • Fragment of polychrome figured silk with patterns woven in buff and blue (faded) showing stylised clouds and indistinct figures. Several Chinese character are also seen.
  • Fragment showing head and part of neck of a horse.
  • Fragmentary grotesque hoopoo-bird. Front portion of head is lost.
  • Miniature double handled jar (amphorae).