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  • Siva and Parvati on Kailasa with Kumara and Ganesha on either side. Vehicles of Ganesha, Mooshika and Parvati, Tiger are shown in the foreground whereas Peacock and bull are shown in the back.
  • A seated gilded bronze figure of Tara. Her hands are held in an attitude of meditation. The right leg rests on a lotus seat in front of the base. One each on either side of the figure are flower stalks raising from the base. At the bottom of the base is a circle with four stylized flowers.
  • Tara (metal statue).
  • Painting depicting a bearded Prince (PORTRAIT OF RAJA RAJ SINGH) seated against a bolster on a carpet.
  • Painting depicting Vishnu pooja,with Lord Vishnu seated under a pavilion on a throne covered with a huge lotus having a bolster at the back. Vishnu is shown with four arms holding the usual emblems, wearing a yellow dhoti and a uttariya of the same color placed over his left shoulder. He is wearing a gold crown with crests studded with jewels. A Raja with his consort and three princes are on the left side facing Vishnu. On the other side the Gods Brahma and Maheswara accompanied by one female divinity and three other male divinities are shown approaching Lord Vishnu. Trees in the background and also in the fore-ground with birds. The pavilion in which Lord Vishnu is seated seems to be a part of a palace with a wall behind. possibly the work of artist Nikka.
  • Satsuma porcelain vase with dragon handles, painted in panels to represent landscape on one side and hens on the other. Geometrical patterns and flowers on the rest of the surface. Waves and flowers round the bottom. The maker's mark and a circle at the bottom. (Same as No. 104/IX).
  • Imari porcelain dish oval in shape and having incised edges, painted in panels to represent a goose and flowers and leaves all over in blue, red and orange colours. Creeper design with flowers in blue at the reverse. A circle and the maker's mark in blue colour at the bottom.
  • Crackled China figure of the standing Buddha with folded hands and a rosary. The mark of Swastika on the chest.
  • Veiled Rebecca by Benzoni of Italy
  • Love scene; a man standing in gondola near parapet,talking with three ladies. Another man talking with a lady on the left.Another two ladies talking to each other in the right back.Signed : Eugen V. Blass on the bottom.