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  • Manuscript related to worship of Lord Ganesha.
  • Manuscript related with the worship of Mahevidyas.
  • A standard and well authenticated contemporary account of the reign of Emperor Akbar.
  • The Ten Counsels of Aristotle, the philosopher. A compilation of Counsels for maintaining sound health. The manuscript is a specimen of superb calligraphy; the text is written on a ground dusted with Gold.
  • Persian version of Panchantantra and Hitopodesha, being a collection of 100 selective fables originally composed in Sanskrit.
  • The treatise is divided into eight chapters dealing with - 1 tenets of Islam 2 new terms fixed for calculation and measure of words for omen taking 3 detailed account for the methods and devices for fighting with muskets 4 ordinances in the names of Mutasaddis and Sarbakhshis 5 general principles regarding forms of services 6 rules relating to Shihabdaran 7 rules regarding horsemen 8 rules relating to piyadahs of the Taluka forces
  • A well documented gazetteer giving a detailed statistical account of Emperor Akbar's reign & his imperial institutions.
  • Eight songs by Rabindranath Tagore, written in Nuremberg and Munich on 18-19 September 1926, during his trip to Germany. Contain the original versions of several famous Tagore songs.
  • The opening of each poem is very beautifully decorated, illuminated pages containing illustrations are exquisitely illuminated, marginal decorations consist of floral designs and miniatures of birds and animals.
  • Original Manuscript of Satyajit Ray. The essay focuses on the work of D.K. Gupta, the founder of Signet Press, a publishing house established in Kolkata in 1943, where the young Satyajit Ray worked as a visual designer. It was published in the little magazine "Bibhav" in Kolkata in Winter 1979/80, pp. 19-21, as an obituary of D.K. Gupta.