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  • This is a head-dress worn by women of Himachal Pradesh.
  • This is a stringed puppet showing a female warrior or queen.
  • This is a wood carving used for witch-doctoring practices.
  • This is a bison-horn headgear worn during ceremonial functions by the Maria Gond men, who are also referred to as "Bison-horn Maria" after this particular headgear.
  • This is an amulet box for carrying prayer scrolls or deities. The lid contains a beautiful golden colour shrine door amidst intricate foliate patterns, celestial beings and deities.
  • This is a wood sculpture depicting a seated figure.
  • This is a mask of the Bhuiya community, generally used during hunting expedition. It depicts a feline animal.
  • This is a pair of Ceremonial Dolls, depicting two stylised standing upright male and female figure.
  • This is a ceremonial headgear made of peacock feathers and printed cloth with the name of Lord Rama, used by Ramnami sect.
  • This is an elongated mask made of wood depicting a demon.