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  • Remains of a fragmentary embroidered hanging, dark blue, loosely woven gauze, backed with plain blue silk and embroidered with floral design with birds and butterflies.
  • Fragment of polychrome figured silk with patterns woven in buff and blue (faded) showing stylised clouds and indistinct figures. Several Chinese character are also seen.
  • Fragment showing head and part of neck of a horse.
  • Fragmentary grotesque hoopoo-bird. Front portion of head is lost.
  • Miniature double handled jar (amphorae).
  • Painted silk banner showing ferocious looking standing figure of Dharampala-Vajrapani with a long club held in his hands. One leg stands on red lotus while the other on blue lotus. Damaged at places. Colours used are brown, dark brown, ochre-yellow, brick-red, while, green and blue. Vajrapani Dharmapalas are guardians of Dharma with flexed muscles, clenched toes, firmly planted heels, swollen veins, and swelling muscles. They evoke the awesome authority of fearfully armed generals. Executed in naturalistic details, fearsome rage, attention is concentrated on the fierce expression of the face.They invoke terror in the repertoire of the artists. There are several supernatural beings who are Dharmapalas or guardians of the Dharma as well as of its adherents from all negative forces. They also guard monasteries. Their wrathful exterior and calm interior protect the teachings and institutions against hostile forces
  • Dark-grey coloured miniature canvas gum-boot of left leg.
  • Fragmentary. Human face with incised moustache, wearing cap, left side damaged. Lower portion missing.
  • A pair of silver spectacles was found placed on the eyes of a human being who was curried in a grave at Astana. These spectacles are shaped as spoon-bowls and pricked like a strainer, to look through while travelling in the desert under the scorching sun.
  • Appliqué grotesque human face with parted hair.