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  • A frame of a window with nine rectangular compartments. The outer part is carved with floral and geometrical patterns. Damaged at places.
  • A door with a frame decorated with floral and geometrical designs. It is also having engraved figures probably of deities. Damaged at places.
  • A rectangular piece of painted panel showing stylised floral carving and painted figures. Loss of colours and damaged at places.
  • A rectangular panel carved with human figures. Damaged at places.
  • A rectangular shaped panel carved with alternate ornamented ring band and geometrical rectangular design. Damaged at places.
  • A structure having four architectural pillars joined by the top panel. The pillar have fluted body and the ornamented top. Damaged at places.
  • A window frame having engraved floral and geometrical designs. One corner is with a projection. Damaged at places.
  • A fragment of a carved panel showing only a little mutilated carving on one side. Damaged at places.
  • A celestial female musician figure standing on a lotus and holding a musical instrument in her right hand. Cracked and damaged at places.
  • A part of a panel probably of a window with carved sides. Damaged at places.