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  • Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar was born in Ahemdabad, Gujarat. He studied art at Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai. His sketches are record of his stay and visit to places, as animate, narrative and methodological instances occurred with him. In Almelkar's words, "My mother was busy embroidering all through her pregnancy and I probably inherited art from her at that stage". Almelkar sketched tirelessly as he visited places within India and abroad. Keeping in mind the fundamentals of drawing, he did both naturalistic as well as figure studies. He imbued animal, flower, plantations in his sketches.
    Holi depicts a mythological subject with a meticulous rendering by the artist.
  • There are two men standing it looks like Artist visited tribal village near Belgam, made this pen ink line drawing depicting two tribal men in standing pose one is holding bow, another one is holding a basket and having a conversation both are in traditional cloths.
  • A unusual tiger image is executed in line drawing by the Artist with a pen ink line in moving position on paper. Image is not realistic.
  • This particular ink line drawing on paper showing front view of a house main door and inside kitchen room with utensils nine water pots arranged vertically one over the other.